Zaitz Woods Preserve

The Zaitz Woods Preserve, a 150-acre parcel off Southfield Road, has a number of trails. See the map at the kiosk.

Many thanks to the 10 West Windsor members of Girl Scout Troop 70619 and leaders Pat Hoge and Teresa Adair for the new trail, through what was a cornfield, connecting to the Zaitz trailhead and for the native shrubs near the kiosk. The Junior Scouts logged a combined total of 150 hours of work on this project as their work towards their Bronze awards.

girl scouts

Girl Scout Troop 70619
standing (l-r): Caroline Hoge, Muskaan Rastogi, Taylor Hoogsteden;
seated (l-r): Gillian Adair, Marisa Loury, Shannon Lerner;
not pictured: Taylor Pacelli, Penelope Benkard, Erin O’Brien, Lauren Gronich

The girls have been together since kindergarten and, at the time of the planting, attended both Millstone River School and Village School. All reside in West Windsor.

The troop worked closely with Dan Dobromilsky, West Windsor Landscape?Architect, to relocate, weed and seed the new pathway. Dan and the Township provided all?the organic materials needed to get the job done, as they planted and mulched the bushes surrounding the kiosk as well as?ten?shade?trees around the parking area.


The WWBPA marked National Trails Day on June 6, 2009 with a guided walk through the 150-acre Zaitz Woods Preserve off Southfield Road led by Kevin Appelget, a naturalist and officer of the Friends of West Windsor Open Space. One highlight was the chest-deep vernal pool, an ephemeral body of water that disappears for most of the year. Want to discover the Zaitz Woods Preserve on your own? The WWBPA and FOWWOS have developed a network of trails (see the map at the kiosk for details).

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