Trolley Line Trail

Trolley LIne Trail

The Trolley Line Trail is a 3+-mile paved pathway between Rabbit Hill Road and Village Road West in West Windsor suitable for walking, jogging, and biking. Almost all of it lies under the PSE&G power lines, once the path of the Fast Line electric trolley that connected Trenton and New Brunswick early in the 20th century.

The trail passes through West Windsor Community Park, which has picnic facilities, play equipment, soccer fields, baseball fields, tennis and pickleball courts, a cricket pitch, dog parks, basketball courts and rest rooms, as well as the West Windsor Community Waterworks swimming pools and the West Windsor Community Skateboard Park. For those driving to the trail, the only parking lots are in Community Park.

Trail Description:
The northern end of the trail is at Rabbit Hill Road about 100 feet from the intersection of Rabbit Hill and Cranbury Neck roads. Shortly after crossing a bridge over Big Bear Brook after 0.4 miles is Community Park. Follow the trail to the left under the power lines to Bernt Midland Boulevard, the road inside the park.

Follow the trail past playgrounds, ball fields and rest rooms (or go left on Bernt Midland Boulevard) to reach the intersection with Route 571 (Princeton Hightstown Road) at 0.9 miles. Cross the road at the traffic light and follow the path along Windsor Business Park. It leads to South Mill Road, then continues under the power lines across lightly traveled roads until Penn Lyle Road and, thanks to a 2021 extension, on to Village Road West.

Beyond the Trolley Line Trail:
Village Road West is a busy road with bike lanes as well as some sidewalks leading to South Post Road 0.4 miles away. West Windsor has built a trail alongside South Post Road from Village Road West to Conover Road that is opposite Conover Fields. A quiet road then leads to Lake Mercer.

Rabbit Hill has bike lanes to Bennington Drive, which also has bike lanes. It ends at Southfield Road, another road with bike lanes and that reaches McCaffrey’s and the Southfield Commons shopping center. Other options for reachng McCaffrey’s use residential streets. From Bennington, turn right turn onto West Kincaid Drive. Look for a paved off-road path on the right that leads to Davenport Drive or continue on Bennington to Findley Lane just shy of Southfield. It will lead to Davenport Drive. This road intersects Southfield Road very close to McCaffrey’s.

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