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SOLUTIONS: Is Princeton a BFC — bike friendly community?
Princeton Packet, May 14, 2012

Event aims at saving cyclists’ lives
Princeton Packet, May 7, 2012


Princeton Hightstown Road Renovations Planned
WZBN News, December 6, 2011

County officials encounter opposition to bike route plan in West Windsor
The Times of Trenton, December 5, 2011

Mercer County saves on bike route
Mercer County press release, November 22, 2011

Digging Deeper: Route 571
WW-P News, November 4, 2011

Bike Group: Go Slow on 571
WW-P News, November 4, 2011 (Letter to the Editor)

Halloween Safety
WW-P News, October 7, 2011

Biking or out for a stroll, be bright at night
The Times of Trenton, September 30, 2011

In praise of W. Windsor’s two-wheelers
The Times of Trenton, September 22, 2011

West Windsor Township is named a Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists
West Windsor Township Press Release

Two Rides of Silence events next week
Princeton Packet, May 13, 2011

Dangerous by Design
Transportation for America, May 2011


Alexander S-curve work to begin in spring
Princeton Packet, December 27, 2010

Work on Municipal Complex Sidewalks
WW-P News, December 17, 2010

What in the World is a Woonerf?
WW-P News, December 17, 2010

WWBPA: Give Peds A Head Start
WW-P News, December 17, 2010

WW Should Follow WWBPA Advice
letter from Henry Murphy, WW-P News, December 17, 2010

Morgan Urges Acme Woods Trails
WW-P News, December 17, 2010

WWBPA To WW: Review Main Street Plans
WW-P News, November 5, 2010

WWBPA donates racks to Caspersen Rowing Center
Princeton Packet, October 19, 2010
also: articles in the Trenton TImes and the WW-P News

Bills can help make streets safer for pedestrians
Princeton Packet, September 7, 2010

How was that Congressional Ride on the D&R Canal?
Celebration of the newly-constructed portion of the D&R Canal Path in Trenton
WalkBikeJersey Blog, August 20, 2010

History and Nature along the D&R Canal
New York Times, July 30, 2010

Bicyclists wearing helmets may get ice cream
Manville News, July 8, 2010

Final piece of canal path falling into place
The Times of Trenton, July 2, 2010

A Little Biking May Help Premenopausal Women Stay Slim
Business Week, June 28, 2010

Efforts on Bicycling Also Attract Thieves
New York Times, June 25, 2010

Council Approves S-Curve Contracts
WW-P News, June 11, 2010

Trolley Line Trail: Hurdles Abound
WW-P News, June 11, 2010

New crosswalk product rolled out in Princeton
Princeton Packet, June 7, 2010

Shore motorists ignore pedestrian crosswalk law
Asbury Park Press, June 6, 2010

Bike-to-train commuters get an assist
Princeton Packet, June 1, 2010

Trolley Line Trail: Stretching the Limits
West Windsor-Plainsboro News

7th annual BikeFest planned for May 29
Princeton Packet, May 20, 2010

Boys & Girls Club touts bike exchange success
Princeton Packet, April 30, 2010

Bike and pedestrian path to be added to Scudder Falls bridge
The Times of Trenton, April 26, 2010

N.J.’s pedestrian law should be enforced
The Star Ledger, April 3, 2010

Hillsborough Police Participate in “Obey the Signs or Pay the Fines”
“Police to Watch Pushy Drivers,”?Packet Publications, March 19, 2010

New Bike Racks at WW-PHS South
WW-P News, March 19, 2010

ADA Violations in West Windsor

WHYY video Episode, February 19, 2010
As the senior population ages, more of them will want to continue driving. For most, they will be healthy enough to do so. But even for the healthiest, steps need to be taken now to make sure they are as safe as any motorist on the road.

Driven to Distraction
Hazards of Technology when Driving, Walking and Riding Bicycles
The New York Times, Technology Series, articles from 2009 and 2010

Forget Gum. Walking and Using Phone Is Risky.
The New York Times, January 16, 2010

No Zoning Changes for 571/Southfield/McGetrick
West Windsor-Plainsboro News, January 8, 2010

Plans for Route 517 Too Dangerous?
West Windsor-Plainsboro News, January 8, 2010

Response from Councilwoman Linda Geevers
West Windsor-Plainsboro News, January 8, 2010


Report Gives Rt. 571 Intersection Poor Grades
Princeton Packet, December 17, ?2009

Public Information Meeting, Improvements to Princeton-Hightstown Road (CR 571)
Power Point Presentation by Mercer County Engineering and DVRPC
December 15, 2009

New Jersey Issues Complete Streets Policy
December 10, 2009

Thrown for a loop in New Jersey
Washington Post, December 2, 2009

Why You’re Not the Great Driver You Think You Are
National Public Radio, November 25, 2009
interview with Tom Vanderbilt, author of Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do

As bicycle ridership grows, Phila. tells scofflaws: Stop!
Philadelphia Inquirer, November 15, 2009

Group Seeks Pedestrian-Friendly Roads
National Public Radio, November 10, 2009

Connecting Bike Paths
Princeton Packet, October 29, 2009

How to Get More Bicyclists on the Road
To boost urban bicycling, figure out what women want
Scientific American, October 16, 2009

DEP to complete missing link in 70-mile Delaware & Raritan Canal path
The Star Ledger, October 13, 2009

David Byrne’s Wild Wild (Biking) Life
National Public Radio interview with the author of Bicycle Diaries, October 4, 2009

School district could backpedal on policy
The Times Union, September 29, 2009

David Byrne’s Bike Racks
Bicycle Transportation Examiner, September 26, 2009

D.C. Bike Shelter Gives Commuters A Ticket To Ride
National Public Radio, September 2, 2009

Bike Thefts at PJ Train Station
Princeton Packet, August 28, 2009

Boys & Girls Club Bike Exchange
Princeton Packet, August 25, 2009

Schalks Crossing Bridge
Princeton Packet, August 21, 2009

Expanded Trails for Bike Group
West Windsor & Plainsboro News, May 17, 2009

May is Bike Month
West Windsor & Plainsboro News, May 17, 2009

Advocates map safest bike routes
Princeton Packet, February 12, 2009

Council seeks redevelopment input
Princeton Packet, February 5, 2009

Early end to Planning Board’s redevelopment review
Princeton Packet, February 2, 2009

Council Takes On Leaves, Grease
West Windsor & Plainsboro News, January 9, 2009


Leaf-free bicycle lanes mandated
Princeton Packet, December 31, 2008

NJDOT’s NJ Bikes and Walks Newsletter
December 2008

West Windsor group strives for safer roads
New Jersey News 12, December 18, 2008

Group ranks dangerous intersections
Princeton Packet, December 17, 2008

Trail provides a bit of wilderness for hikers, cyclists
Princeton Packet, December 5, 2008

Pedestrian Fatalities Remain Hard to Cut
New York Times, November 9, 2008

Walking to school gets a boost in West Windsor
Princeton Packet, October 10, 2008

WWBPA Bear Brook Road Presentation
West Windsor & Plainsboro News, June 27, 2008

WWBPA receives Proclamation from West Windsor Township Council
Princeton Packet, June 4, 2008

Volunteers inventory WW intersections to assist cyclists, walkers
Princeton Packet, May 27, 2008

Bear Brook Walk set for May 13
West Windsor & Plainsboro News, May 2, 2008

Walking to the Park Now Easier
West Windsor & Plainsboro News, April 17, 2008

Bicycle Pedestrian Alliance looking to the Future
Princeton Packet, February 22, 2008

Traffic Calming for Clarksville Road?
West Windsor & Plainsboro News, February 9, 2008

Improvements suggested in study of WW traffic hotspot
Princeton Packet, February 1, 2008

No concrete answers for township’s sidewalk woes
The Times, January 8, 2008


Pedestrian Woes
West Windsor & Plainsboro News, December 3, 2007

Dangerous intersection for pedestrians gets WW attention
Princeton Packet, November 20, 2007

Pedestrian Alliance Targets Wallace Road
West Windsor & Plainsboro News, October 16, 2007

Group seeks safer passage through intersection
The Times, October 12, 2007

Safer crossings the goal of a West Windsor study
Princeton Packet, June 19, 2007

Span over Big Bear Brook improves access for cyclists, pedestrians
The Times, June 18, 2007

West Windsor walk will celebrate nature trails
Princeton Packet, June 1, 2007

WWBPA to Make Canal Pointe
West Windsor & Plainsboro News, April 6,?2007

Alliance works toward a more user-friendly West Windsor
Princeton Packet, April 6, 2007


The Year in Review: Council spats, ‘the redevelopment’ highlight West Windsor in 2006
Princeton Packet, December 29, 2006

A close call spurs push for crosswalk to protect walkers
The Times, November 21, 2006

Recent accident highlights perils of West Windsor crossing
Princeton Packet, November 21, 2006

WWBPA Letter to the Editor re Avalon Watch incident

Group’s planned walk to target dangerous WW street crossing
Princeton Packet, November 3, 2006

Striding for sidewalk upgrade
The Times, October 11, 2006

Parents cast wary eye as students walk
The Times, October 5, 2006

Stripes commence Alexander upgrade
The Times, August 25, 2006

Series of West Windsor walks to review areas for improvement
Princeton Packet, September 5, 2006

About one year after fatal accident, West Windsor has begun to take action
Princeton Packet, August 29, 2006

WW residents urge safer roads after critical injury to bicyclist
Princeton Packet, August 22, 2006


West Windsor Township Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan, October 12, 2004, prepared Orth-Rodgers and Associates, Inc., with NJDOT Bicycle/Pedestrian Planning Assistance