The WWBPA’s new map: bike lanes + trails on one side, sidewalks + trails on the other.

Together with the Greater Mercer Transporation Management Association, the WWBPA has created printed maps for 2022 that show bike lanes, sidewalks and trails (paved and unpaved) in our township. We even captured the little cut-throughs between neighborhoods that make getting somewhere on foot or by bike that much quicker (and let you avoid some busier roads).

The gorgeous maps are printed on high-quality paper and free to those with current membership donations (you can join here). Otherwise, we are offering them for $1. Get yours at our table at the West Windsor Farmers Market from May to October.

You can discover walking and biking routes across Mercer County with this interactive map created as part of Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association’s Greater Mercer Trails Plan.

It shows both existing and proposed bike trails and long-distance trails as well as existing sidewalks.

You can find more maps and ideas for where to walk and bike on the WWBPA’s website under resources.