Join a Committee

Members (and students interested in community service) are encouraged to actively participate in our many committees and activities. Below is a list of our committees. Please e-mail the WWBPA to join a committee or to receive more information.

  • Communication: communicates ongoing and planned activities to members, local media, the press, and local governments. Also responsible for newsletter and annual report.
  • Education/Outreach: educates the membership and local population about bicycle and pedestrian issues and safety; reaches out to under-represented groups for specific bike/ped education needs. One new project will be to conduct a survey to determine if school-age children can walk and/or bike to school.
  • Events: organizes events for the Alliance, such as Pedals for Progress Bike Drive, National Trails Day, National Walk to School Day, West Windsor Walks Events.
  • Fundraising: seeks funding for the Alliance through grant applications and corporate outreach.
  • Map: develops maps for the Alliance. Current major project is to update our comprehensive bicycle and pedestrian map of the township.
  • Membership: Conducts membership drives, communicates with members with respect to updates, renewals.
  • Trails: A very active group that helps design, construct, and maintain recreational trails in the township.

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