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Fall 2012 Newsletter « WWBPA

Fall 2012 Newsletter


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Fall 2012


Bicycle-Friendly West Windsor

????? September 2012

We’re Becoming Even More Bike-Friendly

september 2012 bike rideOne year ago, West Windsor became New Jersey’s first bicycle-friendly community. Since then, we have seen?an increase in the number of people bicycling?and walking, a sign that our friends and neighbors feel safe riding their bikes around town.

That’s not all. Together with our partners, we have added?eight more bike lockers?at the Princeton Junction station, further reducing (but not quite eliminating) the waiting list. Want to rent a locker??Contact Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association.

We have?taught more kids to ride bikes?without training wheels (and gotten a few adults on bikes too).

Dozens of children have taken our?bike safety quiz?this year as we work to ensure everyone follows the rules of the road.

We collected 25 bikes, plus some parts, for Bike Exchange at our annual bike drive at the Farmers’ Market.

Mercer County has adopted a?“Complete Streets” policy?that requires roadway projects, whether a repaving, a reconfiguration or new construction, to take all users into account, including bicyclists and pedestrians, by default rather than by exception or as an afterthought–important in a town like ours, where many of the main roads are county roads.?And it has added?bike lanes to the road going through Mercer County Park.

The township has added bike lanes on?Penn-Lyle Road?and along the?Alexander Road S-curve, built the?South Post Road multi-use trail, which improves access to the ball fields, and?added rapid-flashing beacons?at pedestrian crosswalks on Wallace Road?near the Princeton Junction train station, making it much safer for pedestrians to cross (and cyclists can use these, too). The?Trolley Line Trail crossing at South Mill Road?also now has the beacons.

Bike and Walk?with the WWBPA

ice cream rideAs part of our campaign to get more residents comfortable riding their bikes around town, the WWBPA has organized a series of bike rides.?We have:

Each time, we’ve had new faces in the crowd.Join us for our?final ride of the year?on October?6, when we will go from trail to trail. We will gather at 2:15 p.m. at Turning Basin Park (Alexander Road and the D&R Canal towpath) and head down the towpath four miles to Lawrenceville and Brearley House, which sits on the new 20-mile?Lawrence-Hopewell Trail. After refreshments and some give-aways, we’ll bike four miles back. There’s no cost to participate and no need to pre-register; just bring a helmet and a bike in good working order. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

Walkers should meet at the same time at the Port Mercer Canal House parking lot along the towpath and Quaker/Quakerbridge roads. Because of road construction, it is accessible only from Route 1, not Princeton. It’s a 1.3-mile walk to Brearley House.

Be Bright at Night (and for Halloween)

It’s once again that time when daylight hours are getting shorter. Whether you walk or bicycle at night, make yourself visible with reflective gear and lights. Come see what the WWBPA sells at the?West Windsor Farmers’ Market. We’ll be there October?13 and 27.

We challenge all kids and parents to incorporate visibility and other safety elements into their Halloween costumes. Come show off what you’ve done to your costume or your bike at the?Farmers’ Market Halloween Parade?on October?27 and get a prize from the WWBPA.

Not convinced that reflective material can make that big of a difference? The brightest spots on this photo from our?Ride of Silence?in May are thanks to a camera flash. Now imagine?it’s even darker outside. How do you want to be seen?

ride of silence group shot

Where to Find?the WWBPA

Come to our monthly meetings, held on the second Thursday of every?month at the West Windsor Municipal Center. Meetings start at 7?p.m. The next one is October?11. Come with your concerns and ideas. We’re also at the West Windsor Farmers Market on October?13 and 27.

West Windsor is New Jersey’s first (and so far only)?bicycle-friendly community. The WWBPA is honored that the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia described us as “one of the most successful bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups in the country” on a per-capita basis and “a model community for the many built-out suburbs in the region.”

Find out?who won?our 2012 scholarships and community service awards.

You’re missing a lot of news if you wait for the newsletter. Keep up with WWBPA activities and learn about other bicycle and pedestrian topics by?subscribing?to our website,?wwbpa.org. We’re also on?Facebook. The two sites have similar — but not identical — information. Leave us a comment!

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