Sustainable West Windsor

WWBPA enthusiastically supports the new Sustainability element of the township master plan, adopted by the Planning Board on October 14, 2009.

Based on the 2007 Sustainable West Windsor Plan done with consultants from Rutgers, the comprehensive new element covers land use, circulation, society, natural resources and government areas, and identifies strategies, objectives, progress indicators? and actions for each area.? The Sustainability subcommittee of the Planning Board, led by Marty Rosen, was responsible for the draft published to the public in April 2009.

WWBPA trustees reviewed the items relevant to our mission, submitted clarification questions and recommended changes to the township in July, then met with the subcommittee members to review our recommendations.?? As a result, 11 recommendations were accepted going into the Planning Board Meeting in October.? During the meeting, trustee Jerry Foster reviewed most of the remaining recommendations with the entire board, resulting in an additional 17 recommendations accepted into the element.? Only 5 recommendations were not reviewed or only partially accepted.

Highlights of the plan related to bike/ped issues are the following:

  1. Make bicycle facility planning a routine part of the Township’s transportation?planning.
  2. Reexamine township-wide walkability and bikeability assessments.
  3. Improve pedestrian/bike safety and education.
  4. Improve sidewalk connectivity and bike lanes.
  5. Promote walking/biking to school, work and shopping.
  6. Employ traffic-calming devices.
  7. Create better bicycle parking and other facilities.
  8. Implement a Safe Routes to School program, including walking school buses.

Now the hard part – let’s work together to make the plan real!