New Jersey’s 4-Foot Passing Law

New Jersey now has one of the strongest safe-passing laws in the country to protect those walking, biking, skating, scooting or using a wheelchair while in the roadway.

The law, signed by Gov. Murphy in 2021, requires drivers to approach and pass vulnerable road users with “due caution.” The definition of “due caution” focuses on both slowing down (speed) and giving the other user plenty of space when passing (distance):

  • If at all possible, the driver should change into a non-adjacent lane before getting closer than four feet.
  • The driver should leave a reasonable, safe distance of at least four feet when approaching the protected users until they can pass safely.
  • If those options are not possible, the driver must reduce their speed to 25 miles per hour and be prepared to stop.

Violating these guidelines will result in a driver receiving a fine of $500 and two motor vehicle points, if bodily harm is caused. If no injury occurs, the fine is $100.

Please don’t try to squeeze by a cyclist or other vulnerable road user, especially if you can’t see oncoming traffic.

Many thanks to the New Jersey Bike Walk Coalition for leading the advocacy effort.