Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements

West Windsor Needs Bicycle-Friendly Roundabouts
We like roundabouts, but they must be safe for bicyclists, too. Read WWBPA’s response to Township Council’s decision not to accept?our recommendations for the new roundabout at Old/Bear Brook Roads.? WWBPA is proposing changes to?make the planned roundabout more bicycle friendly, as well as consistent with the Princeton Junction Redevelopment Area ordinance. ?Read More >>

Safe Routes to Transit
Contracts have been awarded for the missing link on Alexander Road in the Vaughn Drive to roundabout section and the Wallace Road and Alexander Road sections near the Arts Council building, including the missing link across from the Arts Council building making a complete connection between Scott Avenue and Wallace Road.? Weather permitting, some concrete work will be done at the end of 2010; otherwise, work will start in Spring 2011. ?Same thing with the Alexander Rd S-curve.? The North Post missing link at the curve won’t be built until the condemnation board meets and agrees that the amount WW’s assessors have suggested for the property necessary for a sidewalk is a fair amount.

New Bike Lanes
During the summer of 2009, the Township constructed bike lanes on a number of township roads (based on WWBPA recommendations). These roads include Alexander Road (between Old Bear Brook Road and Vaughn Drive), Bennington Road, Edinburg Road (near the entrance to Mercer County Park), Lanwin Boulevard, Rabbit Hill Road, South Mill Road, Village Road West (between North Post Road and Windsor Ponds), and Woodmere Road.

Meadow Road Sidewalk

Bike Lanes and Sidewalk on Meadow Road
The Township reconstructed Meadow Road; the new road includes bike lanes and a multi-use path from Carnegie Center Boulevard to Clarksville Road and a multi-use path from Carnegie Center Boulevard to Bear Brook Road. Jerry Foster videoed his walk along the new sidewalk and pointed out some problems with the design.

Bike Lanes and Sidewalks on Penn Lyle Road
The Township reconstructed Penn Lyle Road between Westwinds Drive and Village Road. The reconstructed road has a consistent 36-foot width and includes sidewalks from Old Village Road on the Trolley Line side of the street up to where there is already a sidewalk, and again bridging the gap where the road crosses Duck Pond Run, so there is a sidewalk on the WW-P High School South side all the way from Village Road to Clarksville Road. There are now bike lanes from Westwinds Drive to New Village Road.

Bike Path on South Post Road
The Township applied for and received $160,000 in funding for a multi-use path along South Post Road from the intersection of Village Road to Mercer Lake (on the Mercer Oaks Golf course side). This new path now provides residents with safer access to Mercer Lake. Former trustee Ken Carlson initiated the idea and encouraged the Township to apply for the NJDOT Local Aid Grant. The WWBPA also supplied a supporting letter for the grant. This path was completed in 2012.

Bike Lanes on Mercer County Park access road
This summer, the County will pave the gravel shoulders on the main access road through the park and will sign and stripe them as bike lanes.

racks-smallBicycle Racks at the Farmers? Market, Train Station, and Rowing Center
The Township installed bicycle racks, paid for by the WWBPA and BikeFest, at the Farmers? Market location this spring. The WWBPA also worked with NJ Transit and others to install a number of bicycle racks and lockers at the train station. The WWBPA also bought racks for the Caspersen Rowing Center at Lake Mercer; Carr & Duff Contractors donated labor and materials to install them.

We sent a letter to the landlord for Trader Joe’s asking for bike racks.

Share the Road Signs
shareroadsmallFollowing the successful installation of Share the Road signs on Cranbury Road, the WWBPA has been advocating for installation of more Share the Road signs on Township roads that are heavily used by cyclists (e.g., South Road, North and South Post Roads, Conover Road). The Township approved this list and installed the signs, paid for by the WWBPA and BikeFest. The WWBPA is also working with the County to install Share-the-Road signs on Windsor Road. Installation of all these signs should be be complete by the fall.

Crosswalk Improvements
The Township has a new Crosswalk Improvement Program in place as part of its Capital Budget Program. The WWBPA worked with the Township to develop this program and the improvements are based on the WWBPA?s priority list of intersection improvements. Members of the WWBPA appeared before the Township Council to seek additional funding for this program; improvements are expected this summer/fall.

Crosswalk on Clarksville Road at Avalon Watch
After three years of advocacy by the WWBPA, a new crossing has been built between the Avalon Watch apartments and the Village Shops on Clarksville Road. The project, funded by the New Jersey Department of Transportation and Mercer County, should make it safer for bus riders and shoppers to cross the road. It includes a pedestrian refuge island in the middle of the road, an in-pavement lighting system, flashing signs, and left-turn lanes. A diagram of the project is at

Intersection Improvements to Cranbury-Wallace Roads and Route 571
571-CranburyIntersection improvements were completed at the intersection, with countdown timers, and a new sidewalk was ?constructed on the bridge over the railroad tracks.


Improved crossing of the Trolley Line Trail at South Mill Road
The WWBPA advocated a safe crossing for users of the Trolley Line Trail at South Mill Road. The County has approved a mid-block crossing and will paint a high-visibility crosswalk. The Township installed a “rectangular rapid flashing beacon” at the place now marked as the end of the Trolley Line Trail, so that bikers and walkers can safely cross South Mill Road to the Dataram section of the trail.? Signage was also changed.