Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.~Margaret Mead

Norchester/Clarksville Crosswalk

Making our community safer for bicyclists and pedestrians means ensuring that bike lanes are where they’re needed and that the missing links in our network of sidewalks are filled in. The WWBPA works closely with local and county government to make sure this happens. See some of the policy recommendations and a list of bike lanes and sidewalks that are being added.

share the road signTogether with BikeFest, the WWBPA has paid for several dozen Share-the-Road signs, which have then been installed by West Windsor and Mercer County, and six bicycle racks in the Vaughn Drive parking lot, which are heavily used during the Farmers’ Market. The WWBPA is now working with New Jersey Transit and others to add more bicycle racks and lockers at the Princeton Junction train station. This will ease overcrowding and shorten the waiting list for lockers, without taking away from the space for car parking.

The WWBPA and the Friends of West Windsor Open Space develop and maintain trails in our preserved open space.

The WWBPA encourages student involvement. Many Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have worked on trails, and high school students serve as WWBPA Student Advisors.

Scholarships are awarded annually to graduating seniors who have demonstrated their committment to creating a bicycle and pedestrian friendly community.