Mission and Vision

Maurice Hawk Presentation 2008To promote bicycling and walking in West Windsor Township and neighboring communities, emphasizing access, education, mobility, and safety.

The West Windsor Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance envisions a community where residents and visitors have access to and can travel safely and conveniently by bicycle and on foot for commutation, recreation, and fitness within West Windsor Township and between neighboring communities.

Encourage residents to walk and/or bicycle more often.
Promote bicycle and pedestrian awareness and education, including:

  • Bicycle and pedestrian safety
  • Health benefits from bicycling and walking
  • Share the road strategies

Advocate for improvements in bicycle and pedestrian access and mobility, including:

  • Public policies and programs
  • Bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure (e.g., installation of bikelanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, recreational trails)
  • Safe bicycle and pedestrian crossings of major barriers (e.g., Route 1 and the Northeast corridor rail line)
  • Traffic calming
  • Enforcement of traffic laws
  • Coordination with neighboring communities on regional goals

Conduct and support activities to fulfill our mission, including:

  • Community events and programs
  • Community service opportunities for students, residents, and local businesses
  • Fundraising (e.g., government, corporations, foundations, individuals)