The WWBPA incorporated as a private non-profit corporation in January, and attained 501(c)(3) status in May 2006.

The WWBPA’s major focus in 2006 was bicycle and pedestrian advocacy. A series of educational West Windsor Walks highlighted needed bicycle and pedestrian improvements in the township. Examples of our efforts:


  • Recommended bicycle and pedestrian improvements to the Alexander Rd. S-curve near the D&R Canal, including interim improvements (e.g., lane re-striping and better overhead lighting) and long-term improvements (e.g., better traction, a sidewalk and bike lanes)
  • Advocated creation of the Trolley Line Trail along the PSE&G right-of-way.
  • Recommended pedestrian improvements to the east side of the train station, including an improved crosswalk at Sherbrooke Drive and Route 571, and pedestrian improvements to the intersection of Wallace Road and Route 571.
  • Recommended bicycle and pedestrian projects to be included in the 2007 Township Capital Budget.
  • Lobbied for a road diet (reduction in travel lanes from four to two with inclusion of middle turning lane and bike lanes) on Canal Pointe Boulevard., reductions in speed limit on many roads in town, and enforcement of traffic laws.


  • Recommended improvements to Clarksville Road at the Avalon Watch apartment complex.
  • Recommended bike lanes on Washington Road from the train station to the D&R Canal.
  • Lobbied for the placement of Share-the-Road signs along Cranbury Road, a major cycling route in town.
  • Met with local bicycle and pedestrian advocates to focus on regional bicycle and pedestrian issues, and proposed the establishment of a Mercer County Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force to further advance our advocacy effort.


  • Recommended construction of sidewalks on the Washington Road bridge over the NE Corridor train tracks.
  • Proposed a dedicated bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Route 1 in Penns Neck.

The WWBPA, in collaboration with the Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association, sponsored an event at Maurice Hawk School in celebration of National Walk to School Day, at which more than 800 children learned about pedestrian safety.

WWBPA members staffed an information table at the West Windsor Community Farmers Market to educate residents as well as to get input on bicycle and pedestrian issues in the area.?The WWBPA developed a bilingual outreach program to local Hispanic communities to increase awareness and education about bicycle safety.

Community Events
The WWBPA sponsored the second annual Pedals for Progress Bike Drive at the Princeton Junction train station, collecting 105 bicycles for donation to people in need of transportation in developing countries; volunteers included trustees, members, and high school students. Many WWBPA trustees participated in the West Windsor BikeFest.

The WWBPA celebrated National Trails Day by conducting a walk of the Millstone River and Rogers Preserve Trails. The group also held a series of trail-building events during the year on both of these trails.



  • Continued to support actions to improve design of Alexander Road S-curve (in the vicinity of the D&R Canal), to improve road surface and visibility, and to add a sidewalk and bike lanes on roadway.
  • Recommended installation of a crosswalk with pedestrian signage on Clarksville Road at Norchester Drive, in response to a bicycle accident in which a 12-year-old boy was hit by a car in the autumn. Mercer County installed the crosswalk.
  • Recommended pedestrian safety improvements to Wallace-Cranbury Road and Route 571 intersection following fall West Windsor Walks event. Outcome: the NJ Department of Transportation committed to make improvements to intersection, including painting crosswalks, adding signage, and installing pedestrian-activated signals, but this is delayed due to delays in construction of Rite Aid at this intersection.
  • Recommended specific bicycle and pedestrian projects be included in 2008 Township Capital Improvement Budget.
  • Worked with the Township to improve safety of street crossings for Trolley Line Trail along PSE&G right-of-way.
  • Recommended pedestrian and bicycle improvements to Cranbury and Clarksville Roads in the vicinity of Grovers Mill Pond following a spring West Windsor WalkOutcome: Mercer County re-striped crosswalks at Van Nest Park, Steele Drive, Bolfmar and Yeger Roads; the County is considering the WWBPA’s other recommendations for improving bicycle and pedestrian safety in this neighborhood.
  • Participated in Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) study to examine traffic problems on Clarksville Road. Outcome: DVRPC published report, Taming Traffic: Clarksville Road.
  • Presented the need to increase number of bicycle racks at train station to West Windsor Parking Authority.
  • Coordinated trail building on Millstone and Rogers Preserves. Held multiple trail-building events with the help of volunteers, including a Girl Scout troop and members of WW-P High School North X-Country running team.

The WWBPA created a bilingual bicycle and pedestrian map of West Windsor (free to members), providing a way to share safe routes and?valuable information about how to walk and ride safely and legally.

The WWBPA conducted several bicycle education and awareness sessions to the Hispanic community in Hightstown. Focusing on the importance of abiding by NJ traffic laws, wearing helmets and understanding the ?Rules of the Road,? we reached more than 100 people and donated dozens of maps, helmets, lights and reflective ankle bands.

More than 100 students and parents joined in the WWBPA’s second annual Walk to Hawk.

First Annual WWBPA Scholarship
The WWBPA awarded its first student scholarship in 2007 in the amount of $100 to Michael Perl, who graduated from West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South.

Community Events
In May we supported National Bike to Work Week and shared information about the experiences of cyclists commuting that week. By biking 363 miles and not driving, we released approximately 430 fewer pounds of global warming pollutants into the air (assuming gas mileage of 20 mpg).

At our third annual Pedals for Progress Bike Drive in June we collected 73 bicycles and more than $800 in donations. Pedals for Progress and its partner agencies distribute the bikes collected at its drives at low cost to poor working adults throughout the world. These bicycles provide reliable transportation for the recipients, who use them for commuting to school and work, taking produce to market, or accessing heath care and other services.

In September we organized a Community Bike Ride from Community Park to Emack and Bolio’s ice cream shop in the Southfield Shopping Center.  About fifty cyclists, including many children, participated in a fun family event that combined biking on the new Trolley Line Trail with eating ice cream for a good cause.

The WWBPA, the Friends of West Windsor Open Space, and West Windsor Township secured a $17,000 grant from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection for new trail network in Zaitz Park.



  • Recommended improvements to the intersection of Vaughn Drive, Alexander Road and Bear Brook Road following a West Windsor Walk in May.
  • Evaluated 193 intersections in West Windsor Township for pedestrian safety and accessibility. Recommended improvements to the worst/most heavily trafficked intersections, most notably Cranbury/Wallace/Princeton-Hightstown roads. The result was an online Walkability map.
  • Worked with the?Friends of West Windsor Open Space to develop a network of trails in the 150-acre Zaitz Preserve off Southfield Road. Held multiple trail-building events and also multiple trail-maintenance events in the Millstone and Rogers preserves, all with the help of many volunteers.
  • Worked with community volunteers and staff at Maurice Hawk Elementary School to organize the third annual Walk to Hawk, in which more than 130 students, parents and teachers walked from the Municipal Complex to Hawk as part of International Walk to School Day.
  • Conducted bicycle safety talks at Maurice Hawk as part of the school’s literacy night, at BikeFest in June and at the Twin Rivers Library in June.
  • Developed with township officials an ordinance that bans debris, including yard waste, from bike lanes for safety reasons.
  • Funded the installation of Share-the-Road signs along Cranbury Road. We have recommended the placement of additional signs throughout the township to both Mercer County and West Windsor Township.
  • Participated in the Mercer County Bike/Ped Task Force and made various presentations advocating bike/ped?improvements and spread the word at a number of area events, including “Be Green, Be Seen” in Princeton, National Night Out in Hightstown and the Greening West Windsor (GroWW) environmental fair.

The WWBPA awarded scholarships of $500 per student to graduating seniors Adam Schuit (WW-P High School North) and Annemarie Strange (WW-P High School South) for their commitment to the community and efforts to help make it more bike/ped friendly.

Community Events
Our members reported riding 1,414 miles to work in May, National Bike Month, saving many gallons of gas and avoiding putting 1,100 pounds of CO2
into the atmosphere.

Pedals for Progress Bike Drive
At our fourth annual Pedals for Progress Bike Drive in June, we collected 71 bicycles and one sewing machine.

In September, the WWBPA organized its second annual Community Bike Ride, going from Community Park to McCaffrey’s in the Southfield Shopping Center. About 85 adults and children participated in this fun event that combined biking on the Trolley Line Trail with education about the importance of wearing bicycle helmets.

The WWBPA inaugurated Community Service Awards and recognized Roger Alig, Giuliano Chicco and Ben Tufford for their contributions to the WWBPA and the greater community.

The Student Advisory Board
Nick Wuensch, a senior at WW-PHS South and WWBPA volunteer, came on board in 2007 and continues to help at WWBPA events, including our education table and the Pedals for Progress Bike Drive at the West Windsor Community Farmers Market. He was joined in early 2008 by Ryan Sleeper, a senior at WW-PHS North and an active trail volunteer. Kim Meersma, a sophomore at WW-PHS South, continues to serve on the board and was instrumental in organizing the Community Bike Ride in September with her family.


The WWBPA continues to advocate for traffic-calming on Bear Brook Road. In April we appeared before the Township Council to reiterate a request made in 2008 to reduce the speed limit, improve the crosswalk (between Windsor Haven and the Estates at Princeton Junction) and to better enforce and improve signage for “no turn on red” to make the crossing of Alexander Road and Vaughn Drive safer for pedestrians.

  • Bike/Ped Recommendations for Redevelopment Plan:The WWBPA was actively involved in the Princeton Junction Redevelopment Area planning. The plan now includes bike lanes for every arterial and collector road, an expanded minimum sidewalk width, and improvements to the town square area for bicyclists and pedestrians, with a one-way circulation pattern around the square, as well as bike lanes between the sidewalk and parked cars.
  • Report Debris in Bike Lanes: The WWBPA helped develop a township ordinance banning the placement of yard waste in bike lanes. The Township administration will educate residents about this ordinance after individual violations.
  • New Bike Lanes on parts of the following: Alexander Road, Bennington Road, Edinburg Road, Lanwin Boulevard, Rabbit Hill Road, South Mill Road, Village Road West, and Woodmere Road.
  • New Sidewalks in the vicinity of the Alexander Road roundabout. The WWBPA is advocating for a continuous sidewalk along Route 571, from Alexander to Wallace Roads.
  • Crosswalk Improvements expected this summer/fall as part of the new Township Crosswalk Improvement Program developed with the help of the WWBPA.
  • Share-the-Road Signs to be installed this summer/fall by the Township (following WWBPA recommendations) on roads heavily used by cyclists including South Road, North and South Post Roads, and Conover Road.
  • Bike Racks at the Farmers Market, paid for by the WWBPA, will be installed by the Township this spring. The WWBPA is also working with NJ Transit to install a number of bicycle racks at the train station.
  • Bike Path and Bike Lanes on Meadow Road, in conjunction with reconstruction of the road this spring/summer.
  • Intersection Improvements to Cranbury-Wallace Roads and Route 571, expected this spring/summer, though dependent on the development of the Rite Aid site.
  • Crosswalk on Clarksville Road at Avalon Watch, installed in August, including a high visibility crosswalk, a pedestrian refuge island and a pedestrian activated beacon.
  • Crosswalk Improvement: Slayback Drive and Route 571, including resurfacing and striping a high visibility crosswalk for access to the Trolley Line Trail near Dataram this summer.
  • Improved Crossing of the Trolley Line Trail at South Mill Road, with a County-approved and installed mid-block crossing a high-visibility crosswalk. The Township will install a pedestrian-activated beacon.
  • Bike Lanes and Sidewalks on Penn Lyle Road, between Westwinds Dr and Village Rd, including sidewalks and bike lanes, expected this summer. The Township will construct sidewalks and bike lanes on Penn Lyle Road towards Clarksville Rd in 2010.
  • Bike Path on South Post Road, along South Post Rd from Village Road to Lake Mercer. The Township received a $160,000 NJDOT Local Aid Grant for the path. Trustee Ken Carlson initiated the idea and encouraged the Township to apply for the grant.
  • Bike Lanes on Mercer County Park Access Road, to be paved, signed and striped as bike lanes by the County this summer.
  • Road Improvements on Alexander Road S Curve: Unfortunately, engineering issues concerning storm water management has slowed this project, with construction not likely until 2010. Anticipated improvements include a sidewalk and bike lanes.

West Windsor Community Farmers? Market
The WWBPA continues to present safety information at its Farmers Market table alternate Saturdays throughout the market season.

5th Annual Pedals for Progress?Bicycle CollectionCollected many bicycles and one sewing machine.

The WWBPA and?FOWWOS continue to cooperate on improvements at the Zaitz Woodland, the Millstone, and the Rogers Preserves. Volunteers worked on trail improvements at all three locations this year. At the Zaitz Preserve a new trail connects to the soccer field, new trail signage is in place, and Eagle Scout Joe Francisco constructed wooden benches. Volunteers from the GREEN Community Problem Solving Team at WW-P High School South helped with many trail improvements. Future work in the Zaitz Preserve will include installation of boardwalks over wet areas. Contact the WWBPA if you are interested in volunteering at wwbikeped@gmail.com.

Community Service Awards
The WWBPA acknowledged local volunteers for their contributions. Maurice Hawk School Principal Denise Mengani and township resident Catherine Zandonella received awards for organizing and participating in the annual Walk to Hawk, as part of International Walk to School Day. The Meersma/Stratton family (Steve Meersma and Kathy Stratton and their children Brian and Kim) were recognized for organizing and leading an annual Community Bike Ride; Newell Benedict received his award for achievements spanning many years supporting township activities through the Recreation Department, his leadership in the creation of the Community Park Pool, and as an organizer of the annual BikeFest, as well as a term as WWBPA trustee.

New WWBPA Student Advisors Appointed
Appointed were Jason Chin, Caroline Kellner, Nishitha Kumar, and Emma Rosen. Kim Meersma was reappointed; trustees thanked graduating seniors Nick Wuensch and Ryan Sleeper for their work with the organization as student advisory board members.

Student Scholarships
The WWBPA awarded scholarships to graduating seniors NIck Wuensch, Jenny Yu, and Ryan Sleeper.

Plainsboro and Hightstown Walkability Assessments
The WWBPA conducted walkability assessments of hundreds of intersections and crossings in Hightstown and Plainsboro. The WWBPA received grants of $1,200 and $1,400 for the mapping project from The McGraw-Hill Companies as part of the company?s sixth annual Global Volunteer Day, a community outreach initiative. This effort was made possible with the support of VERTICES and its president, Dr. Wansoo Im, an active member of WWBPA and West Windsor resident.