West Windsor Biking and Walking Up 18%

WWBPA volunteers counted 355 bicyclists and pedestrians at 5 locations around the train station on Wednesday September 12, 2012 between 5-8pm. Last year the count was 205, but we counted at more locations and for an hour longer this year – when comparing the same locations at the same time slots, biking and walking increased 18% over last year!

Once again we participated in the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project, an effort to accurately and consistently measure usage and demand for bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure.

Our 2012 findings:

  1. Cranbury/Wallace/571 (Rite Aid) ? 29 bike, 102 walk
  2. Scott/Alexander (Arts Center) ? 26 bike, 80 walk, 3 others
  3. Vaughn/Alexander (bus stop) ?? 15 bike, 50 walk
  4. Station/571 (Rep. Holt Headquarters) ? 13 bike, 7 walk
  5. Wallace/Alexander (WW lot) – 8 bike, 22 walk

Total: 355 people, 91 who bike, 261 who walk, 3 on skates or kick scooters

Thanks to our volunteers!

Of significant? note, traffic along 571 in downtown West Windsor flowed freely throughout the observation time. Last year, for about 20 minutes, congestion was so great that eastbound traffic at the Wallace/Cranbury light couldn’t proceed through the light even though it was green. While we’d love to say the reduced congestion was due to more biking and walking, it is very likely due to closing the jughandles at 571 and Rt 1 and at Fisher and Rt 1.

Other findings from the Rite Aid location:

  • Midblock crossings of 571 at Rite Aid driveway – 15
  • Car honks – 16, none directed at bicyclists/pedestrians
  • Semi trucks – 2

The 355 number should not be considered an absolute total – as we gathered at the Art Center comparing notes after 8pm, bikers and walkers continued to pass by. Also, at the Wallace/Alexander WW lot we counted only from 5-7pm, while at the Vaughn/Alexander bus stop we counted only from 6-8pm.


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