NJ: Fifth Most Bike-Friendly State

The League of American Bicyclists has released its latest rankings for bike-friendly states, and New Jersey comes in fifth. Only Washington state, Maine, Wisconsin and Minnesota outrank us. Yes, we do better than Colorado (No. 8), home to bike-friendly Boulder, and Oregon (No. 12), despite the incredible biking infrastructure in Portland. We’ve also moved up from 8th last year and 10th in 2009.

That’s some of the good news. Here’s some of the bad: We get a “D” on infrastructure and don’t get an “A” in any category. We’re more like a “B” student — Bs for legislation, policies and programs, education and encouragement, and evaluation and planning. We get a “C” on enforcement.

Amazingly, we come in fifth without any bicycle-friendly communities.

How does the League come up with its rankings? It uses a multi-faceted Bicycle Friendly State (BFS) questionnaire that is answered by each state?s Bicycle Coordinator. The data collected ? based on 95 questions, across six categories ? is verified by League staff in concert with advocates in each state. States that continue to promote bicycling and improve conditions can expect to improve their scores.

Oh, and those other states across the rivers? Pennsylvania is 25th (a “D” student, with three Fs), and New York is 34th (another “D” student, despite an A for legislation.)

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2 Responses to “NJ: Fifth Most Bike-Friendly State”

  1. bill from hillsborough, nj says:

    Agreed. I get buzzed. I get yelled at most days I’m on the road. Even on a local road, with 4 lanes, in the middle of the day, I’ll see cars come right up on my butt before squeezing past me. Even if they are the only car, most drivers don’t move entirely in to the left lane. Local school buses are culprits as well. I would have thought they would be more sensitive to non-auto traffic.

  2. I’m not feeling the love or seeing the facilities while on the road. Our laws could use a MAJOR tune-up too but possible movement on this seems unlikely in the legislature.

    And we continue to outrank California?!?! You got to be kidding me! I’m starting to wonder about how good the LABs rankings really are.



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