Progress on Path Along South Post Road

South Post RoadThe township continues to work toward a multi-use trail along South Post Road from Village Road to Mercer Lake alongside the Mercer Oaks golf course. Permits and contracts are expected to be awarded in time for work to begin in the spring of 2011.

This trail, which was suggested by the WWBPA, will provide a safe route to the Conover Road ballfields and to the Rowing Center, which received six bike racks this year from the WWBPA. It is being funded by a $120,000 NJDOT grant awarded in 2009.

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3 Responses to “Progress on Path Along South Post Road”

  1. Hmmm… I wasn’t aware that this place becomes a veritable “mad house” at select times of the day and year. Still, I wonder if the cost (a mile of sidepath will likely cost close to $1 million) and the environmental impact is worth it.

    I know the argument, “if it saves one life.” Yeah! I understand that. But what if that money could have been spent elsewhere and it saves two lives, or three or four? My point still remains true, 99% of the time that road doesn’t need the path.

    But I must admit the question could be turned around to ask, “Is the path needed for that 1% of the time when 99% of the people are using it?” It’s a tough on to answer but this post and your reply got me thinking about differently. I thank you for that.


  2. Kris Grudt says:

    Is it really necessary to build this . . . in a word, Yes. While S. Post Road may seem quiet, I invite Andy B. to visit it about 4pm any spring and fall afternoon when 350+ kids travel down the road to the Caspersen Rowing Center to practice. Many of these kids run along the narrow road as a part of their workout, doging arriving and leaving cars. The path along South Post Road will provide a much needed and safer alternative to running on the road. In addition to the runners, there are many bicyclists of all different ages throughout the year who ride down South Post Rd. to access the recreational opportunities Mercer County Park provides, incouding a network of mountian bike trails.

  3. Andy B from Jerey says:

    Is it really necessary to build this? Yes its a mile long and there are recreational destinations but its a dead end. I’ve been out here riding and traffic on this road is sparse, at most. South of Conover Rd you could lay down and take a nap in the middle of the road for at least 15 minute if not a half an hour before a car would come and wake you up.

    Isn’t there a better place to spend this money with a much more pressing need??



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