National Bike Month, Week 2

Arnold Kelly

Apologies for being so late with the Week 2 mileage report. But because I am so late, I can include a quick mention of Arnold Kelly, a West Windsor resident who has been bike-commuting since the 1973 energy crisis. How?s that for impressive?

Back then, New Jersey Transit knew they didn?t allow bikes but there was no policy about fold-up bikes. So he got one of those, took it on the train to Linden and rode the rest of the way to work.? He says he never got booted off, even when trains were packed. He definitely has earned his more civilized commute to Princeton. Arnold, join our National Bike Month mileage tally! And thanks for stopping by at the Bikers Breakfast at the station!

We?ve got another 611.4 miles to add, which puts us at 931.4 miles halfway through National Bike Month. Add some ?for fun? miles from three people (shall we include them?) and we?re at 1,014.5 miles.

Ben Tufford rode 270 miles in nine days over the first two weeks. ?I commute by bike through West Windsor and enjoy it. I?ve noticed new striping and signage along my commute. Thanks for all of your efforts.? We like the new bike lanes too!

Bill Garrett reports seeing a fox one morning as he rode through Mercer County Park, part of his 98-mile week. Two other big bikers, Deniz and Jessica Dagci, rode 53.4 miles and 45 miles, respectively.

Bruce Ellsworth got in one day of commuting for 22 miles and it was a cold day. He reports: ?It was on Wednesday, and the weather was dicey. Surprisingly, it was colder on the ride home in the evening than in the morning (around 48 degrees). I had to wear my rain gear and my cold weather gloves, and I rode my hybrid to spare the road bike. A driver surprised me by NOT passing me and making a right-hand turn right in front of me. Instead, they slowed down and waited until I passed their turn. I was pleasantly surprised, and it made me smile on that cold day.? Thumbs up for that driver!

Another former WWBPA trustee (and now advisor), Ken Carlson, is enjoying the commuting life in the Boston area. He reports 26 miles in Week 1 and 33 in Week 2. And get this: ?Just hit 98% this week of percent commutes to work by bike since January 1. Only missed two so far this year. Starting to ramp up my mileage in preparation for the Anchor House Ride. Broke 1000 miles in overall biking for the year and really looking forward to riding with all of my WestWwindsor and local NJ area buds during Anchor House week. Cheers!? Cheers to you, Ken. Guess Boston didn?t get the snow we did! (Or they are really good at clearing the roads.)

WWBPA trustee Chris Scherer logged 45 miles.

And then there are those of us with short rides to the train station. Juan Cardenas and Silvia Ascarelli (one who also has some ?for fun? miles) each rode nine commuter miles.

Send in your latest reports. Next week, I?ll tell you about a couple of 10-year olds who ride to school. Anyone else ?know kids who ride to school?

Until then, keep pedaling and enjoy National Bike Month!

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