Slowing Down In Our Town

West Windsor and Mercer County are working on reducing the 50 mph speed limit on Cranbury Road from the Plainsboro border to just before Van Nest Park, where the limit drops down to 25 mph. The speed limit will be cut to 40 mph from the border with Plainsboro and then cut again to 30 mph ahead of the curve around Perry Drive. This curve has been the scene of many accidents and near-accidents, where cars have karoomed onto residents’ yards.

In addition, the Township is studying the possibility of reducing speed limits on parts of Southfield Road.

The WWBPA applauds these as? important safety measures and is encouraged that the Township will reduce speed limits.

Update: On April 6, 2010 West Windsor Township Council adopted Resolution 2010-R080, which was sent to the Mercer County Board of Chosen Freeholders asking that
speed limits be reduced as follows:

  • 40 MPH from the county line of Middlesex County and Mercer County along?Cranbury Road to Perry Court.
  • 30 MPH from Perry Court along Cranbury Road to the point approximately?350 feet east of Steele Drive where the current speed limit is posted for 25?MPH.

4 Responses to “Slowing Down In Our Town”

  1. Ikons694 says:

    There’s no hurry, people just want to drive a reasonable speed for the conditions. 30 mph is too slow for the curve when myself and other drivers can easily handle 40. Lowering speed limits does not increase safety, this is a misconception. Also, 25 mph is too slow for the whole other length for Clarksville rd., it should be 35 or at least 30 to fit current traffic patterns and road conditions. People who skid off the curve are probably doing 50+ in a crummy car and/or are drunk… and that’s their problem for being stupid, why punish everyone by making it 30? 40 mph on a reasonably sized road is not being a ‘speed demon’.

  2. silvia says:

    People who are traveling fast have skidded off the curve and onto residents’ property (you can see the ruts). Heading toward Grover’s Mill Pond, the speed limit has long been 25 mph. There’s a park on one side, homes on both sides and winding roads. This is a residential area, not open farmland. None of us want motorists speeding through our neighborhoods.

  3. Sandy says:

    What’s your hurry? There is absolutely no reason to be going so fast on two-lane roads with reduced shoulder width and curves. Slowing down and perhaps adding five extra minutes to your journey is worth the added safety. West Windsor and Mercer County traffic engineers have studied these roads and concluded that safety is more important than speed. These are no longer simply farm roads, but now are carrying school children, commuters, shoppers, bicyclists, and sometimes, even people on motorized wheelchairs.

  4. Ikons694 says:

    Honestly 40 isn’t even that bad, I had no idea the road was 50 in the first place. But 30 near the curve is too slow, nobody is going to follow that and I’ll bet police may set up a speed trap.



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