Build the bike lanes, and they will be used!

Sunday, November 29 by silvia

Build, and riders will come

Build, and riders will come

What happens when you build safe bicycle infrastructure that connects so people can get where they want to go? An explosion in the number of cyclists. See what is happening in New York City, which has created 200 miles of bike routes in the last three years.

Here?s a fun fact: Philadelphia has the highest percentage of people who bike to work of any really large U.S. city ? with New York ranked sixth ? according to the 2008 American Community Survey.

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Help build the Greenway

Wednesday, November 25 by silvia

ECGsignThink of the East Coast Greenway as an urban Appalachian Trail connecting cities from Maine to Florida. It goes along West Windsor on the D&R Canal towpath (ask us for a free map of the NJ route), with the potential for plenty of money to come to area businesses from bicycle tourists.? The Greenway wants to get most of the route off the roads, making it more appealing for cyclists and walkers.? Many areas need work, including points not too far south from us.

East Coast Greenway
The Greenway says: ? It is time for Philadelphia to fill the gaps in the Schuylkill River Trail, for Pennsylvania to have a connected East Coast Greenway connecting to New Jersey and Delaware, and for Camden, New Jersey to become a ?city of trails, not highways.
? Philadelphia and five other surrounding counties submitted to the federal government for stimulus funding for an unprecedented multi-jurisdictional application (called GREAT PA/NJ) for $36 million to build 17 segments of the Schuylkill River Trail, the East Coast Greenway and the Camden GreenWay. If stimulus funds can repair highways and bridges, remodel transit stations and repave roads, why shouldn’t that same type of funding build bicycle & pedestrian trails? This is a HUGE opportunity to significantly advance active transportation regionally and to close many of the gaps along these trail systems.?
The Greenway asks that people contact the governor to stress their support for the project. You can also write to Office of the Governor, P.O. Box 001, Trenton, NJ 08625, or call 609-292-6000.

Read how a trail in Pennsylvania benefited local businesses.

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Friday, November 20 by sandy

“In Defense of Jaywalking,” by Tom Vanderbilt, posted on on November 2, argues for ways to improve pedestrian safety. He notes that Netherlands, which has “an enviable pedestrian safety record,” legalized jaywalking. Here’s Vanderbilt’s list for making walking safer:

1. Spend more money on making walking safer.
2. Provide good places to walk.
3. Install pedestrian-friendly engineering.
4. Lower and enforce urban speeds.
5. Stiffen penalties for motorists who violate the?rights of?pedestrians crossing legally.


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Dangerous by Design

Saturday, November 14 by sandy

Route 1 Circle“What would the national reaction be if a jumbo jet full of passengers went down with regularity every 31 days or so? How loud would the calls be for a fundamental change in airline safety? It?s easy to imagine the shock and outrage if such a thing happened. Yet that is essentially what happens every year with preventable pedestrian fatalities on our nation?s streets and roads.”


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Bicycle-Friendly Roundabout

Wednesday, November 11 by sandy

roundabout signThe WWPA wrote a letter on November 10, 2009 to the township council and the mayor requesting a roundabout design for Old Bear Brook and Bear Brook Roads that will be accessible to bicyclists not comfortable riding in traffic. The WWBPA wrote follow-up letters, before and after a public hearing on November 23, 2009, advocating changes in design.
November 10, 2009
November 20, 2009
November 27, 2009

Other WWBPA Recommendations

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Cool reads

Saturday, November 7 by silvia

Here are some of the articles and videos we?ve enjoyed over the past month.

Who?d have thought that Columbia, Missouri, is becoming one of America?s bike-friendly communities? But this university town of 100,000 is one of four communities that is benefiting from a federal government pilot program that is creating ?bike boulevards? and making it easier for residents to walk to local destinations. Its mayor says: ?If we could get people to use their bikes or walk on 20% of their short trips, I?d be delighted.? Read more.

But let’s be realistic: Change can take years. On the other hand, it has a way of feeding on itself. Watch this video about Boulder, one of America?s most bike-friendly cities, and how it got to be that way.

communitybikerideFor those who want to do more reading on creating bike-friendly communities, the West Windsor library has a copy of Jeff Mapes? Pedaling Revolution. Read rock icon and cyclist David Byrne?s review.

Several members pointed out the NPR interview with David Byrne, who has a book of his own out. In Bicycle Diaries, he shares the thoughts, adventures and observations he’s experienced while cycling through some of the world’s major cities.

Finally, read about a heavy-duty bike ride from Queens to Princeton.

Send us your reading, listening and viewing suggestions!

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