For safety’s sake, be visible!

As the days get shorter, everyone — from pedestrians and dog walkers to joggers and cyclists — need to take extra steps to ensure they are visible. Sure, you can see the headlights of an oncoming car, but when will the driver see you in your black coat?

Ryan in VestOne of the best things to wear is a reflective vest. A motorist will see you 500 feet away, according to the Federal Highway Administration, compared to 180 feet away for those wearing white and just 55 feet away for those in blue. The WWBPA sells these at the Farmers’ Market and other events for $10. E-mail wwbikeped@gmail for details.

One WWBPA trustee goes a step further: a reflective vest with red blinking LED lights. Looking like a Christmas tree is a small price for being seen on dark, curving roads. Search the Internet for a vendor.

A WWBPA member reports seeing a bike covered with reflective tape that his headlights caught as he turned onto Alexander Road.

Another member always carries a flashing light as he walks to and from the train station.?Here are some of his tips:

Basically, walkers in the dark should be aware that (1)?any light is better than no light–so pick up a light!–but that (2)?a blinking red light gives great visibility, and that (3)?a red rear bike light with a loop for the seat post is very easy to hang on to and to direct as needed.

Also, I think pedestrians should use a light not just when crossing streets but also while just walking on the sidewalk along the street. This, I think, helps to make motorists more aware that pedestrians are out there in the dark and may help prepare motorists to expect pedestrians at crossings.

What’s your safety tip? Share it!

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